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Environmentally friendly tips for moving home in 2021

In this latest blog, I provide some great tips on reducing the effects from your property move on the environment.

As we rapidly close in on the end of 2020, (thank goodness!), many of us are looking forward to new beginnings and fresh starts in 2021. Often this can involve a change in living arrangements and subsequently, moving to a new home.   The thought of moving home however can bring on so much stress for many people that the idea of lowering their carbon footprint during the move isn't a priority. Moving home is known use a lot of resources, and often becomes quite wasteful.  In this article, I'm going to present some simple ideas, that with little effort, will have a dramatic effect in reducing the environmental impact of your house-move.

1. Move less items!  

Deciding to live with fewer possessions is much easier said than done for most of us, but it can be a valuable way to simplify your life, and certainly makes moving much easier. Start with reducing some of your possessions when you move, but don’t just throw it all away. Gift it to local charities and re-use schemes that will do good with your extra stuff or at least make sure it doesn’t go to waste.  Good starting points for this are ReCap North Lanarkshire and the Salvation Army, as well as other non-profit organisations, local charities or your local Freecycle mailing list. 

2. Don’t buy boxes!  

Find recycled boxes from local sources like supermarkets and factories.  There are offers of free boxes on Facebook groups and Gumtree almost daily from those that have completed moves and are now left with a surplus to dispose of.

3. Choose better removal options!  

Moving usually requires at least one and maybe more trips in vehicles.  Large trucks which use fossil fuels and pollute the air are the norm. Find a moving company that uses hybrid or electric vehicles to move your items.  Better yet, use a green moving company, like GreenMove, who actively support the planting of native trees in the Scottish Highlands as part of an ongoing commitment to carbon offsetting. 

4. Avoid chemicals! 

Whether dusting the property you’re leaving or scrubbing down the new residence, chances are you’ll be using extra cleaning supplies during your move. Choose green cleaners and re-usable supplies wherever possible. Eco-friendly cleaning products are plant-based and free of toxic chemicals, which make them both safer for the planet and also for you! 

5. Be organised!  

Large amounts of wastage while moving happens when you haven’t planned the move well. Everyone knows moving is stressful, but being organised will make the process far easier for you and much kinder to the environment. Pack well, and avoid the last-minute temptation to throw stuff into boxes. Organised packing generally means a smaller moving vehicle is needed which in turn means less waste and upon arrival, minimal frustration as you settle into your new home.

2020 will soon be over.  Restrictions will begin to be lifted once the spring and vaccinations take effect.  And finally, I hope your move will be an environmentally friendly one.   Here's to an improved New Year and an even better house move!

If you're considering a house move in 2021, please feel free to contact me to see how I can help.

Cheryl x

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