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Cheryl Mills, owner of Yendor Homes, provides expert guidance and tips.

First impressions are everything and when preparing to sell your home, making sure the house looks presentable and de-cluttering we often overlook the importance of kerb appeal.

Increasingly potential buyers are doing a ‘drive by’ before they even come for a viewing. With the use of virtual and property video tours buyers may have increased their interest to the next level and wandered by to have a look. 

They say that first impressions count, and this is totally true! A glance at the exterior of the house gives the prospective buyer an indication into whether a seller has looked after their property or not. If the exterior of your home doesn’t look the best it may potentially prevent buyers from stepping inside.

 In this blog we discuss some top tips on how to improve your home’s kerb appeal!

Give Your Property A Lick of Paint

Chipped or discoloured paint can make your house look unkept that is why it is important to keep it looking fresh, giving it a lick of paint when it needs it. No one wants to be doing a job like this in the middle of Winter, so now is the ideal time to apply some paint to improve your home before Christmas.

Think About A New Front Door

Your front door is a main focal point for your home so if it is looking past its best, it might be worth changing it! This means you can update your home with the latest trends and colours, giving you the option of a completely new colour scheme for the outside of your home which can add to the kerb appeal. Or simply make sure it’s clean, polish letterboxes, handles and door furnishings.

Tidy Up Your Garden

A quick and free way to improve your properties kerb appeal is to simply give your garden a tidy. If you have a front lawn, make sure you mow it and tidy up the verges giving you straight lights and symmetry. If you have empty plant pots, now is the ideal time to plant flowers or plants. It is also worth de cluttering your garden, getting rid of any garden accessories that are not needed or look a little old.

Clean Your Windows

Even though it may seem like a small job, cleaning your windows inside and out can make your house literally sparkle. Most buyers tend to drive past your home before they come to visit, and clean windows can make your home stand proud.

If you'd like to know more, please feel free to contact me for further details on how we might work together on achieving a great price for your property.

Stay safe

Cheryl x

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