Snow Boots

Safety and Hot Toddy

As we prepare for the winter weather expected this week, I wanted to share some tips so that you may enjoy the snow and a safe, warm home! 


Today, make time to follow these simple tips: 


  • Unscrew your hoses from their taps.
  • Insulate any exposed plumbing to keep the pipes from bursting. Insulating can be as simple as covering your taps and exposed pipework with an old towel covered with plastic shopping bags. You could also purchase an outside cover for taps as well as pipe insulation  at a hardware retailer such as B&Q.   
  • Clean the gutters or else you could find yourself with a blockage and leaks.  
  • Leave your taps on a slow drip so that water keeps flowing through your pipes.
  • Turn off any sprinklers. 
  • Purchase some salt and a snow shovel  to ensure your paths stay safe and clear.   


  • If lucky enough to have one, check your wood burning fireplaces to make sure the damper is open. If not using it, you may want to close the damper to stop cold air from entering your home.  
  • Keep a torch handy with batteries.  
  • Bring any outdoor pets inside - it is vital they have shelter in extreme weather. 
  • Cover any cherished outdoor plants with sheets. 
  • Buy a few extra supplies including spare batteries, matches, non-perishable foods, bottled water and milk.
  • Most important of all, prepare some hot chocolate or coffee. If you wanted to add a splash of something stronger, I won’t tell. You can find my favourite recipe for a hot Gin Toddy here. 

Stay safe and warm

Cheryl x

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